Dealers Support

Welcome to CULA's dealer site. Here you will find residuals for our consumer and commercial leases. We also provide a convenient auto lease calculator (payment calculator), and CULA program policies, forms and documents.

Can't find the residual you are looking for? If you do not find your residual here, it means that CULA does not have it yet. You can help us speed up the process of getting the residual by faxing us a request for the residual including the MSRP (no invoices, please) to 619-516-3910. Please include your contact information and the name of your lender with your request. Thank you!

Please check the lender's rate sheet for program terms and conditions.

New Vehicle Consumer Lease Residuals - access the residual values for CULA's new vehicle consumer lease and our auto lease calculator.

Used Vehicle Consumer Lease Residuals - We are incrementally rolling out an updated and improved Used Vehicle Leasing program on a incremental basis. In some areas and regions, Used Leasing may be temporarily suspended. For questions and additional information, please contact our office at 800.878.5400 and ask for our Residual Risk Management department.